In short and in a nutshell, Matrijaršija (pronounced: mah-tree-yar-shee-ya) defines itself as an autonomous cultural centre. However, each of these definitions (both autonomous and cultural and center) is more a problem than a solution.

We could say that Matrijaršija is first and foremost a place. Yet, Matrijaršija, in its present form, represents a materialisation of a much larger network of production, action, poetics, cosmogonies, contextual positionings, convictions, fluid yet solid and complex platform of artistic, existential and theoretical practices.

Even though it refers in the opposite direction to Patriarchy – the highest institution in the Serbian Orthodox Church and guardian of the hierarchical establishment, Matrijaršija can at best be associated with impossible binaries, flawed or faux feminisms, suspicious undergrounds, corrupted elitisms, extroverted autisms…