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Jelena Milićević

In her now already recognisable manner, with few words, reduced strokes and linearity, but precisely because of that, with bold colours, just to make sure that we cannot turn our heads away from the important lesson she brings us. Jelena reminds us of simplicity, she reminds us of the beauty of everyday life, to enjoy the smallest things, inviting us to remember that the greatest joys lie in the most ordinary of life. Jelena skilfully displays fragments of a more beautiful, more relaxed reality, and her works somewhat resemble those brief exchanges that take place quite unexpectedly and during which, with just a phrase, it all make sense.

FAWW Gallery, also known as Forget About White Walls, is a leader in the screen print community. It cultivates the next generation of art collectors, offering unique silk screen prints, zines, and art-related publications.

Committed to inclusivity, the gallery supports diverse artists globally, hosting lively openings with renowned DJs. FAWW fosters artistic innovation and increases artists' visibility. They champion collaboration, empathy, and community involvement.

Beyond visual arts, the gallery endorses cutting-edge music and film. FAWW aims to make art approachable, inspiring, and transformative, actively contributing to cultural development.

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  1. Kravitz Contemporary and Fels present Signals - a conversive exhibition of new artworks and objects from Dunja Jankovic and Studio Furthermore

    Bold, graphic prints of Dunja Jankovic sit alongside porcelain foam vessels and light sculptures of Studio Furthermore in Kravitz Contemporary’s Soho Square gallery. 

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    “We live as we dream – alone”― Joseph Conrad, Heart of Darkness  From airport lounges, to bars, to gyms, to beaches, to overcrowded public transp...
  4. FLOATING.BSTRD: A Retrospective of 5 years of club culture poster design

    FAWW GALLERY Opening Thursday 29th 7-11pm 30th September - 9th October 2022 17 Soho Square LONDON W1D 3QJ   For its inaugural exhibition at ...