FAWW x Deadly Prey

FAWW Gallery and Deadly Prey Gallery Join Forces to Present Ghanaian heavy-weight artists in a groundbreaking Exhibition.


FAWW Gallery (Forget about white walls), a leading name in the international screen print art scene, is partnering with the renowned Deadly Prey Gallery of Chicago to showcase the incredible works of Ghanaian artists Heavy J, Farkira, Salvation, Stoger, Mr. Nana Agyq, Leonardo, C.A. Wisely, Magasco, Nii Bi Ashitey and Bright Obeng. This exhibition marks the first time both the gallery and the artist have exhibited in London, making it an extraordinary event for art aficionados across the capital.


Exhibition Dates: 31th March – 15th April 2023


FAWW Gallery founded by Sarah Kravitz is dedicated to nurturing the new generation of art collectors, focusing on limited edition prints at accessible prices to attract a younger audience. Specialising in contemporary surrealism and new age avant-garde aesthetics, FAWW Gallery aims to make a strong impression with this groundbreaking collaboration.


Deadly Prey Gallery, founded by Brian Chankin and Robert Kofi, is known for preserving, archiving, and educating people about Ghana's remarkable paintings. Through direct support of artists working in the genre today, the gallery has formed strong partnerships with ten outstanding artists in Ghana, including Mr. Nana Agyq, who has been working with the gallery for over a decade.


This exceptional event will showcase the extraordinary talent of the infamous Ghanian collective known for their vibrant and captivating artistry, and will provide a unique opportunity for London's art enthusiasts to engage with Ghanaian art on an intimate level.


Join us at FAWW Gallery for this unforgettable experience, and be among the first to witness the remarkable work of Americans biggest gallery in hand painted film posters.


FAWW Gallery 17 Soho Square London UK www.fawwgallery.co.uk


Deadly Prey Gallery Chicago USA www.deadlypreygallery.com