Kravitz Contemporary and Fels present Signals - a conversive exhibition of new artworks and objects from Dunja Jankovic and Studio Furthermore

For London Design Festival 2023 as part of Mayfair Design District, gallery Kravitz Contemporary collaborates with design platform Fels to showcase the conversations and blurred boundaries between art and design with a dual exhibition by Barcelona-based artist Dunja Jankovic and London-based Studio Furthermore.

Materiality, process and scale are explored in the dialogue between form and function as large scale visual works sit alongside porcelain foam vessels and light sculptures.

Collecting fragments of distant worlds and timelines, the exhibition represents the historical and ongoing evolution of humankind’s relationship with the cosmos. Connecting ground and sky, past and future, science and lore, monuments of the past coalesce with futuristic celestial signals as ancient astrological temples and ziggurats sit alongside the textures and forms of organic space matter. 

Jankovic’s large format screen prints bear resemblance to ancient altars dedicated to the sky; great architectural pedestals built by humans to get closer to the mysteries above, portals to the cosmos patterned with electric colour and the granulation of static signals reaching us from epochs ago. 

Studio Furthermore’s porcelain foam vessels and light sculptures appear as material samples collected from space itself. A result of advanced material research and ceramic development, celestial bodies and organic forms of crumbling matter punctured with craters offer soft, glowing light and gradient tones. Like the distant wonders admired from earth for millennia, Furthermore’s objects punctuate the room as satellites framed against a backdrop of Jankovic’s printed monuments.

Signals shows new bodies of work from both studios in conversation. Through their own distinctive practices, works explore the various perspectives, vantage points and narratives of humankind’s relationship with space and our eternal fascination with the great unknown. 

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About Dunja Jankovic

Dunja Jankovic, an interdisciplinary artist renowned for her bold, dynamic abstractions and

illusionistic artworks. Born in Croatia, Dunja pursued her studies in illustration at the Fine Art Academy in Zagreb and later the  School of Visual Arts in New York. As her practice evolved, she transitioned between comics, zines, and art books, developing a unique style rooted in juxtaposition and rhythm.

In the USA, she both created comics and taught experimental practices before returning to

Croatia. There, she founded the multi-media art project SKVER and initiated a screen printing

studio in the shipyards of her native island.The studio's journey continued to Barcelona,

seamlessly intertwining with her life's narrative.

Jankovic's practice is characterised by a keen focus on repetition, modulation, and patterns,

crafting distinctive artworks while also rendering them in varied compositions. A hallmark of her

work is the incorporation of visual glitches, not intended to trick the eye but to delve into the

multifaceted perceptions of visual noise. Organic elements, tubes, and rounded shapes, though

abstract, evoke myriad associations, encapsulating Dunja's intent for her creations to resonate

deeply and powerfully.

Having practiced for over two decades, Jankovic's works have been showcased internationally,

from Gallery Daeppen in Basel and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb to the Power Station of Art  in Shanghai. During this time, she has partnered with leading interior designers on large-

scale projects, most recently with Virgin Voyages, where her artwork prominently featured across the vessel. Residing and working in Barcelona, Dunja Jankovic continues her interdisciplinary

practice constantly blurring the lines between collage, design, screen print and beyond.

About Studio Furthermore

Studio Furthermore consists of duo Marina Dragomirova and Iain Howlett. Meeting at the RCA, they have since forged a distinctive aesthetic and process which sits at the intersection of craft technique and industrial logic. Constant hands-on exploration alongside research into scientific and naturally occurring processes allow Studio Furthermore to experiment and develop material possibilities into material realities. With their unique casting processes and sponge recipes, they create beautiful functional objects, furniture and lighting from aluminium and ceramics.

About Kravitz Contemporary

Founded by Sarah Kravitz in Warsaw in 2015 and moved to London by 2018, Kravitz Contemporary is an art gallery that champions multi-generational artists from emerging to mid-career. Building strong partnerships with emerging gallerists and curators worldwide, their aim is to present unique exhibitions and opportunities for artists facing the challenges in taking their work to the next step. From music and film to performance and painting, Kravitz Contemporary has promoted a wide range of practices that engage with a diverse audience. Their goal is to expand knowledge and art collections whilst engaging a multifaceted community that challenges creative boundaries and traditional representation.

About Fels

Through the presentation of unique artworks, hybrid objects and furniture, Fels aim to continue their research of the various intersections connecting function, aesthetics, concept and outcome. Previous exhibitions include: Where Things Land Down  Against The Grain  In The Direction Of Colour  Beyond Industry and Satellites.