The London Print Gallery


FAWW Gallery comes from the mantra,

‘Forget About White Walls.’

- Sarah Kravitz, founder.


Our passion starts with our artists and ends with helping our customers find beautiful art for the spaces they live and work in. We are powered by a team of creative women and are passionate about our international prints, artists, and collectives.

We nurture our community of independent artists to bring you the very best collections of digital art, screen prints, and special editions in London.

Based in both Soho and London's creative hub of East London, we house a carefully curated collection of graphic art. We have the beautiful pop-up Kiosk in Spitalfields Market in East London and an archive of over 1,000 art prints on our online store.

Whether you’re looking for a quality art print to brighten up your own home, searching for unique gift ideas, or are an interior design company looking for something to finish off that residential or retail space, we’ve got over 1,000 screen prints divided into theme categories such as abstract, music, colour, political, and figurative.

FAWW Gallery, a leader in the screen print community. It cultivates the next generation of art collectors, offering unique silk screen prints, zines, and art-related publications. We think everyone deserves to have more of the very best graphic art in their lives and homes. FAWW Gallery is all about bringing affordable art to a broad audience, and each time you buy one of our prints, you are supporting our artists too.

Committed to inclusivity, the gallery supports diverse artists globally, hosting lively openings with renowned DJs. FAWW fosters artistic innovation and increases artists' visibility. They champion collaboration, empathy, and community involvement. Beyond visual arts, the gallery endorses cutting-edge music and film. FAWW aims to make art approachable, inspiring, and transformative, actively contributing to cultural development.


Never let a white wall go unchallenged!