O Homem Do Saco

O Homem Do Saco, based in Lisbon, Portugal, is a renowned screen print studio founded by graphic artists Ricardo Castro, Luis Henriques and Manuel Diogo, publishers Mariana Pinto dos Santos Rui Miguel Ribeiro and Luis França, filmmaker Eduardo Brito and pianist Joana Gama.

They individually began collecting letterpress material and later brought their equipment together to form the collective O Homem Do Saco, publishing first with letter press in 2014 and later by screen print. Their earlier works include Os Longos Corredores do Hospital and more recently Devaneus Poeticos a book by Amaliu Coitu a XIX century Portuguese poet that involuntarily anticipated the Dada movement.

The studio's commitment to preserving traditional printing methods while producing remarkable art has contributed significantly to its unique reputation.

Over the past decade, O Homem Do Saco has earned acclaim for its contributions to the world of book publishing. Their portfolio boasts numerous titles, such as the twelfth edition of the 'Artists Book' from Boredom Editions, illustrated by Praia Granda. 'Feats and Opinions of Dr. Faustroll,' written by Alfred Jarry, translated by Miguel Martins, published by Luis França (Momo) and illustrated by Luis Henriques, and 'The Fall,' a masterpiece written by Hunter Thompson and adorned with illustrations by 26 of Portugal's foremost contemporary surrealist artists. This commitment to collaboration and artistic fusion has solidified O Homem Do Saco's status as a respected cultural hub within Portugal and beyond.