Together Alone

“We live as we dream – alone”
― Joseph Conrad, Heart of Darkness 

From airport lounges, to bars, to gyms, to beaches, to overcrowded public transport ... The environs populated by multiple individuals in any specific moment in space and time can feel both pregnant with infinite possibility for connection, yet as vast and empty as a soul desert.

TOGETHER ALONE seeks to explore this paradigm by bringing together three contemporary artists with distinctly different practices and methodologies.

As such, the show presents the first ever limited-edition prints from British abstract figurative painter Chris Moon whose personal struggles with depression play out in scenes in which obscured figures seem to be silently reaching out to us in the hope of recognition.

These works play against the goggled swimmers and lone divers of rising talent Jelena Milićević whose figurative works reduce individual identities to near-blank canvases via Hockey-esque colour-blocking.

The show then pulls focus with the untamed abstraction of celebrated Polish artist Agata Rawecka Deelen whose sometimes violent portraiture speaks of the eternal magnetic attraction to, and repulsion from, the stranger in the crowd.