FAWW Gallery presents Jelena Milićević

Love is probably the most serious non-serious thing in the world. A topic that is always talked about much more than anyone actually wants to admit, and which is a wonderful gathering place where, when you happen to enter it, you encounter no rules and no reason, and where sooner or later we all happen to find ourselves. That is why it is a kind of melting pot in which all our otherwise unimportant differences become additionally irrelevant, because at some point we all face the same issues. Equally happy, equally fascinated, equally confused, equally suffering, repeating the same questions and looking for the same answers.


This summer, Jelena Milićević says that it is time for all of that to happen (again) and promises that we really are ready. With a new collection of  silk screen prints and the exhibition a London solo exhibition ‘Ready to Fall in Love’, Jelena makes us all reset ourselves and directs us to what really is important.


In her now already recognisable manner, with few words, reduced strokes and linearity, but precisely because of that, with bold colours, just to make sure that we cannot turn our heads away from the important lesson she brings us. Jelena reminds us of simplicity, she reminds us of the beauty of everyday life, to enjoy the smallest things, inviting us to remember that the greatest joys lie in the most ordinary of life. Jelena skilfully displays fragments of a more beautiful, more relaxed reality, and her works somewhat resemble those brief exchanges that take place quite unexpectedly and during which, with just a phrase, it all make sense.


And indeed, if we had to choose a single metaphor that would represent falling in love and all that  love is and can be, it would hardly be more adequate than a swimming pool because we all know that you very often jump into love like you do into the pool, headfirst. You just jump off the highest springboard and hope for the best. True, some of us slip, and experience love accidentally and unprepared. Some slide through the water self-sufficiently and completely unconscious of the world around them, until someone blocks their way and redirects them. Some enter cautiously, toe by toe, step by step, and it takes a long time before they completely let themselves go, but one thing is for sure: you love like you swim.


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