Seb Curi

Sebastian Curi’s (b. 1986)  bright and bold work reflects his training as an animator and graphic designer. He works in a pop style, employing cartoonish figures and playful compositions to describe ordinary scenes of life under the lens of a bright color palette. His experience allowed him to develop a unique style of illustration centering around quirky figures who live in their own super stylised universe. 

Sometimes animated, his work bounces happily between funny little GIFs, huge colorful hands on silkscreen prints or big murals where you can lose yourself in.  Commercially savvy, his work has been highlighted by brands like Apple, Zara, Venmo, The New York Times, Nike, Warby Parker, Uber among many others.

Alongside his commercial work, Curi has exhibited artwork in Los Angeles, Madrid, Buenos Aires, Chicago, Vancouver and Barcelona.